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My 1st DSLR, Pixel peeping & my first landscape shot.

In the Spring of 2005, I was able to scrape together enough money for a Canon 20D, just before an anniversary trip to Hawaii.  I got the kit lens package, with an 18-55 and also picked up a Sigma 28-105.  This aftermarket lens was pretty mediocre, which is a reminder to all that you should research your camera lens purchases & not be in a hurry.  It was not very sharp or responsive.

I still had the Pro 1 and brought both, bringing two camera bags to Hawaii.  The wife was not amused.  I actually used the Pro1 a lot, as the daytime pictures and the usual vacation snaps were handled just fine.  The Pro1 had an articulating LCD, which was quite handy for the self-portrait shot or to steal a shot or two of the wife without her consent.

Upon return, I decided I needed a better WA zoom so I bought a Sigma 17-70.  This was a pretty good lens, better than the 18-55 & had a macro mode as well.  My 1st mistake was to read the forums and the random comments about lens behaviour & performance.

I had entered the land of the “pixel peepers” Oh may, terms like “front foucs”, CA, pincushion abounded.  I even downloaded a focus chart & was sure my copy of the lens was “back focusing”.  Realizing I was falling into the trap of the gear heads, I decided to just go out and shoot some images.  I wandered over to Grant’s Ranch, a pleasant rural setting over the foothills.  It was there I took my first real landscape image, composed, focused & exposed almost correctly. It was a lot of serendipity, but it settled the lens question & more importantly help me begin to see things better.

Here is that image.


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