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Taking on my 1st project

After learning a few fundamentals for trying to “make a Photograph”,  I was feeling motivated to capture a real life drama.  I  wanted to document something, tell a story of some important event as a photojournalist.  My opportunity came in the Spring of 2007. While reading the local section of the paper, I came across an article about a memorial. Not just any memorial, but a tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 being constructed in the Bay Area.  This immediately caught my attention and spurred my imagination & desire to be a part of this.   I emailed the founder, Michael Emerson and asked if I could get access & photograph the progress of the memorials construction.  At first met with some skepticism, but after posting some images I had taken there,  I was asked to become the official photographer for the site.

This is located in Union City, CA. www.93memorial.com

Here a few images from many

The placing of the memorial stones, one for each of the 40 heroes

Unfinshed Lives

Taken at dusk the eve of the dedication ceremony. This image was used by the Weekly Standard


About Dan Swiger Photpgraphy

Enthusiastic Amateur Photographer Landscapes, child photography & events


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