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Catching Butterflys in Flight

With a camera that is! These were taken at the Don Edwards nature preserve in Alviso. This is a lot harder than I thought.  More so than small birds.  Butterflys in general have a very sketchy flight pattern. This is made more difficult if there is one or a few of the specie. The trick … Continue reading

Eastern Sierra Expedition, 2008

I had visited the Eastern Sierra a few times, but without a photographer’s viewpoint. As the Fall approached in 2008, the talk on the photo forums quickly turned to discussion about when the colors would peak.  Several posts showed the vibrant colors of the Aspens. I knew I had to check this out. Photo Trip … Continue reading

Going back to film, why??

Like the remembered romance of years ago, the lure of the “experience” of film calls like the mythical siren.  The whole relationship with the camera, the visceral feeling of experience seems so good. Of course you forget the limitations of the media, the tedious process and having to wait to see if you have captured … Continue reading

Finding places along the Big Sur Coast

Now there are a multitude of places along the Big Sur Coast that are stunning photographic opportunities. But there were two in particular that had piqued my interest. I had seen two very attractive scenes that I wanted to visit & try my hand at. My first coastal journey was to visit Pfieffer State beach … Continue reading

Yosemite in Winter, here I come.

My 1st visit to Yosemite after my new found passion for photography was in Feb ’08.  On a busy Super Bowl weekend, where I went to a retreat at Mt. Hermon, visited a friend in El Dorado Hills to watch the game and left the next morning about 4 AM for Yosemite.  It had recently … Continue reading

Taking on my 1st project

After learning a few fundamentals for trying to “make a Photograph”,  I was feeling motivated to capture a real life drama.  I  wanted to document something, tell a story of some important event as a photojournalist.  My opportunity came in the Spring of 2007. While reading the local section of the paper, I came across … Continue reading

My 1st DSLR, Pixel peeping & my first landscape shot.

In the Spring of 2005, I was able to scrape together enough money for a Canon 20D, just before an anniversary trip to Hawaii.  I got the kit lens package, with an 18-55 and also picked up a Sigma 28-105.  This aftermarket lens was pretty mediocre, which is a reminder to all that you should … Continue reading

My 1st digital camera, a step back.

What I had begun to learn during my film camera days, as I progressed a little, was soon lost when I got my first digital camera.  My film SLR had very primitive metering & basic manual focus (split prism).  To get close, you had to know at least a little about each function.  With my … Continue reading

A little more technique, a little less serendipity

A few years after returning from Vietnam, I went to Guatemala on a missions trip.  I took the Topcon with me and somehow managed to get some reasonable images of the native indians & their villages. Somewhat better control of exposure and tried to pay attention to shutter speed. To be honest, don’t remember if … Continue reading

First blog entry, a little background

Well this is it,  my first blog!  I never thought I would succumb to the peer pressure! But things have changed, my life is in a new season. This will be about my passions as a photographer,  how I got here and what I’ve learned along the way. This isn’t because I have something unique … Continue reading